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Woori Center recognizes the huge value of arts and culture to individuals and society. Woori Center’s Arts & Culture programs and projects will not only expand access to artistic and cultural experiences for our community members, but also help them better understand and acknowledge the diversity of our community and put in daily practices that echo Woori Center and NAKASEC’s founding values: Live Right, Live Strong, Know Your Roots, and Live Together.

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2023 Lunar New Year

Happy New Year!


The year of the rabbit is a time to be brave and take bold leaps toward our goals and aspirations. Although fear and hardship may sometimes hold us back, we can find courage and heart in our connections with family, friends, and community. We look forward to leaping into the new year with you and connecting through our shared journey of collective liberation.

This year, the Woori Center team visited the Grace Adult Day Care Center in North Philly and the Montgomery Adult Daily Living Center in Lansdale to celebrate Lunar New Year. We brought rice cakes to share with the residents, sang songs together, and passed out cards. It was heart-warming to spend time celebrating the year of the rabbit with delicious food and new friends!

Know Your Roots: Free Korean  Alphabets and Language Classes

In accordance to one of our values to "Know Your Roots," Woori Center would like to provide a space to engage and with our varied cultures and histories. By exploring and understanding our roots, we can grow and organize our community. With that being said, we would like to share this opportunity to deepen the knowledge of our language.

Woori Center is excited to free classes for those who wants to learn Hangeul or Korean alphabets and/or Korean language. The goals are not only to learn Hangeul or understand and speak basic Korean, but also to deepen students' knowledge in Korean history and culture in a short period of 12 weeks class. 

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