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Woori Center believes in the importance of empowering Asian American youth as our future leaders of change. We thus offer our Youth Leadership Program throughout the year. This program serves as a political home for high school-aged Korean and Asian American students, wherein they can explore their identities, learn about Asian American history and resistance, engage in meaningful dialogue, translate curiosity into action, and grow as young leaders. Examples of topics we have discussed in the program so far include the Model Minority Myth, Asian American Feminism, Race and Im/migration, Intersectionality, and Anti-Blackness. 


Please contact for more information about our Youth Leadership Program.

Fall 2023 Youth Leadership Program

Great news! Sign-ups are open for our 2023 Fall Youth Leadership Program. Running for 9 weeks from September 21 to November 17, the program will help AAPI high school students in the Greater Philadelphia area develop community leadership and organizing skills. Join us to explore Asian American identity, history, and activism through storytelling and dialogue. Click here to enroll now and spread the word!  

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at or call 267-270-9466.



My favorite part of the YLP was meeting other people who were also looking to expand their knowledge on Asian American activism and history.


I joined the YLP because it gave me an opportunity to learn about history of Asians that I would have never learned in school.


I joined the YLP because I wanted to engage with more like-minded teens on interests I'm passionate about!

Fall 2021 Cohort

Students were tasked with making Zines about a person related in Asian/American history for their final project. 

Read about the fall program on!

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