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Woori Center organizes Korean and Asian Americans to achieve social, racial, and economic justice in Pennsylvania.


We envision a world in which low- and middle-income, immigrant, people of color, LGBTQ+, and other marginalized communities work together as change-makers to create a more just and equitable society in which we can all thrive. Our vision is fueled by the fundamental belief that our liberation is tied to the liberation of all marginalized communities and that we must work together to make lasting systemic changes.

Live Right
바르게 살자

Live Strong
굳세게 살자

Know Your Roots
뿌리를 알자

Live Together
더불어 살자

Live Right (바르게 살자) is the commitment to struggle for justice; to embody and enact social, racial, and economic justice for the most marginalized in our communities. To this end, we work with and build the leadership of our impacted community members, including recent immigrants, undocumented immigrants, young people, women, seniors, and more.

Know Your Roots (뿌리를 알자) is the duty to continuously engage with our varied cultures and histories and understand how they shape our present-day realities. Only by exploring and understanding our roots can we grow and organize as a community.

Live Together (더불어 살자) is the understanding that we must work in solidarity with other marginalized communities, as our liberations are inextricably linked.

Live Strong (굳세게 살자) is the recognition that we have the ability and power to address and remedy the injustices facing our community and that we must feel empowered to engage creative strategies for building community power through collective action.

Woori Center shares its mission and values with NAKASEC: Live Right (바르게 살자), Live Strong (굳세게 살자), Know Your Roots (뿌리를 알자), and Live Together (더불어 살자). These were the original organizing principles that the founders of NAKASEC developed and are the core values that NAKASEC and its affiliates, including Woori Center, use to guide our work today. 

Read more about our values on NAKASEC’s website:

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