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Youth Leadership Program

Woori Center believes in the importance of empowering Asian American youth as our future leaders of change. We thus offer our Youth Leadership Program throughout the year. This program serves as a political home for high school-aged Korean and Asian American students, wherein they can explore their identities, learn about Asian American history and resistance, engage in meaningful dialogue, translate curiosity into action, and grow as young leaders. Examples of topics we have discussed in the program so far include the Model Minority Myth, Asian American Feminism, Race and Im/migration, Intersectionality, and Anti-Blackness. 


Please contact for more information about our Youth Leadership Program.

2024 Summer Youth Leadership Program is Open for Sign Up NOW!!!



Great news! You can now sign up for our 2024 Summer Youth Leadership Program! This summer, you'll have the chance to connect on a deeper level with peers who share your values and passions. Beyond that, the program offers an incredible opportunity for participants to create their own zine, sharing personal stories and emphasizing the importance of civic engagement as members of the AAPI and POC communities.

Interested? Click the image, scan the QR code, or go to to sign up now!

I participated in the youth leadership programs this past summer and fall (2023). Participating in these programs helped me better understand my role as an AAPI in society. Before, I just recognized the fact that I was a minority but never understood how powerful that is in connecting with others.

This work is important because every person who does it is a person spoken for. This work helps those who are unable to help themselves, whether it be language restrictions or accessibility. Companies like these work for the people.


Woori has been amazing in educating me and the other young leaders. I learned new tactics in communication and leadership that I wouldn’t have heard of without YLP. It also helped me meet and get close to tons of new people.


I participated in Woori Center’s Youth Leadership Program in the fall of 2023. I had the chance to connect with fellow Asian Americans and be a part of a community, which further strengthened and solidified my identity. As a writer, it’s incredibly important to be aware of one’s voice and to pursue clarity. The Youth Leadership Program helped me in that process.


Woori Center encourages heightened social awareness, which proves to be both reaffirming and educational, especially in times like these. I felt that the more understanding I gained about my identity, my privilege in comparison to others, and the stereotypes about people like me, the clearer my next step was. It is crucial for POCs like us to move through the world educated and aware because, without organizations like the Woori Center, our voices can be so easily forgotten.


Thank you for building a community for young teenagers like us and teaching us to be proud of who we are in a country that rarely does so! 


I participated in multiple YLP programs over the past couple years and did some voter registration. Engaging with members of my community in a safe and vulnerable space allowed me to express my thoughts/feelings I'm not always able to elsewhere.


I think it's important for young people who are still exploring their identity to have that safe space to express their feelings, so it's really helpful that Woori helps facilitate that.


I want to thank everyone! Kate, Jennifer, Esther, etc! I really appreciate all their work :) also all of the members of the YLP. I looked forward to seeing and hearing from them each week!


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