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Naturalization  Service
무료 시민권 신청대행 서비스

Woori Center is collaborating with Fragomen and HIAS PA to provide a Naturalization Services. Immigration Lawyers and trained staff will be ready to provide the service at the Naturalization Clinic to support community members with citizenship applications. However, please note that all documents required to complete the citizenship application must be prepared by the applicant and it's available by appointment only. 


This service will be divided into two phases in June. Please contact us to make your appointment before June 1st and June 29th!

You are responsible for paying the USCIS citizenship application fee. However, you may be eligible for a fee waiver if you receive public benefits such as SSI, Food Stamps (SNAP), or Medicaid, or if your total household income is under 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Documentation of benefits or income needs to be provided. Assistance will be provided to eligible enrollees to apply for a waiver of the USCIS citizenship application filing fee. 

To make an appointment and ask questions, please call Woori Center directly at (267) 481-5153 OR email us at

"Although I received my green card in 2003, I never found time to apply for citizenship because I was a mother running a business and sending my children to school. The fee for the citizenship application was also so expensive. I recently decided to finally apply for citizenship and saw Woori Center's services featured in the weekly Korean newspaper. I didn't know anything about Woori Center, but I visited and was so thankful that they took care of all the documents, explained them to me thoroughly, and told me about the citizenship interview exam. They also helped me interpret other documents in English and helped me apply for an application fee waiver. After receiving my U.S citizenship, I also received help filling out the U.S. passport application. For older people like me who don’t speak English well, these services are life changing."

---Kyu Dek Ro, N-400 applicant

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