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2021 Civic Engagement

In 2021, voters in Pennsylvania decided the outcomes of the PA Justice of the Supreme Court, the PA Judge of the Superior Court, the PA Judge of the Commonwealth Court, the PA Judge of the Common Pleas Court, and municipal elections. Korean and Asian American voices are as important in local, judicial, and municipal elections as these elected officials have the potential to make a direct impact on our community life.


To increase Korean and Asian American voter turnout in 2021, Woori Center led the KACP’s civic engagement activities. Along with our volunteers and the KACP coalition, Woori Center continued our efforts of voter education, engagement, and protection for both the primary and general elections. Woori Center registered first-time voters, canvassed neighborhoods in Greater Philadelphia, and led multiple rounds of phone-banking and text-banking. Furthermore, to provide immediate assistance to our community members, Woori Center and KACP continued our One-Stop Help Desk for the duration of the election cycle. 


Below are some of our notable achievements:

  • We made 25,852 phone calls (1,518 contacts) and texted 18,283 messages (515 contacts) to Korean American voters in Pennsylvania. 

  • We registered 138 voters.

  • We organized four tabling sites in North Philadelphia and Montgomery County, tabling at markets like Assi Plaza in North Wales. 

  • We knocked on 701 doors of Korean and Asian American voters in Montgomery County, making 193 household contacts. 

  • We distributed more than 2,000 election brochures and 1,800 voter guides in Korean and in English.

  • We mailed out 9,158 bilingual mailers statewide.

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2020 Civic Engagement

With Asian Americans being the fastest growing racial demographic in Pennsylvania and the United States, our communities exercised our huge potential by showing up to vote in record numbers. Woori Center, along with our volunteers and the KACP coalition, led multiple rounds of phone banking and text banking, mailed and hand-distributed election guides, and provided direct assistance at our One Stop Help Desk to help voters register to vote and develop mail-in or in-person voting plans.


In collaboration with NAKASEC, Woori Center conducted a survey asking Korean American and young Asian American voters in Pennsylvania on their support for #CitizenshipForAll and #HealthcareForAll campaigns. 73% of the Korean American respondents and 93% of the young Asian American respondents supported #CitizenshipForAll, and 67% of the Korean American and 82% of the young Asian American respondents supported #HealthcareForAll.


Check out some of our highlights below:

  • We made 189,468 attempted phone calls (that is almost 10% of all phone calls made by 501c3 organizations in Pennsylvania) and had 7,898 conversations with voters.

  • We spoke with 5,837 unique voters.

  • We sent 75,960 text messages.

  • We recruited 210 volunteers.

  • We registered 107 voters.

  • We distributed more than 8,000 copies of election materials, including 5,000 election guides, 2,500 brochures, and 400 voter’s rights cards, and sent out over 30,000 mailers. 

  • We published four articles and four op-eds, reaching 23 hits in total.

2020 Census

The results of the United States Census determine the allocation of educational, health, and governmental resources to our communities. However, one in five Asian Americans live in hard-to-count census locales, putting our communities at risk of being missed, including our members with limited English proficiency and/or are low-income. To address these difficulties, Woori Center participated in phonebanks, led textbanking efforts, sent out mailers, and published pieces in various ethnic media outlets. 


Below are our Census highlights:

  • We made 23,224 attempted phone calls and contacted 1,340 community members.

  • We sent 1,821 text messages and contacted 307 community members.

  • In May, we sent out our first mailer to 528 Korean American households.

  • In September, we sent out our second mailer to 3,447 Korean American households statewide.

  • We published six articles in various ethnic media outlets, reaching 28 hits in total.

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